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ts-defold is an awesome TypeScript toolkit for leveling-up 🍄 your Defold game projects.

What ts-defold Offers? 🔥

ts-defold is open source and free -- forever!
  • Writing your defold game scripts in TypeScript
  • Typings and auto-complete for the Defold API
  • Project generator and project templates
  • ESLint and prettier configured and ready to go
  • Typeing generator that stays up to date with the Defold APIAPI - Application Programming Interface Computing interface which defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries
  • Debugging with sourcemaps
  • Visual Studio Code support
  • A friendly community of developers
  • And more!

Why TypeScript? ✨

Defold uses lua for its game scripting language, and it is an excellent choice! The ts-defold team loves lua, and has worked with lua for years. So why TypeScript?

TypeScript brings compiled time type checking, generics, a familar syntax, and a lot of other cool features. After spending 12+ years in the game industry, we have learned that the more errors and potential problems you can detect at compile time over runtime, the faster you can iterate. As your project grows TypeScript will pay off in spades.

Through the hard work of the TypeScriptToLua project, we have created a toolkit that generates reliable trusted lua code from TypeScript code for your Defold game project. This means that you can reason about the generated code with human eyes 👀, know that there is a greater community supporting the transpiler, and trust the 100s of tests that execute on the TSTLTSTL - TypeScriptToLua Transpiler An extension to the TypeScript compiler that transpiles TypeScript code to lua codebase.

Roadmap 👷‍♂️

Check Github Issues for the latest
  • Auto typings for extensions WIPWIP - Work In Progress A feature that is still in early preview or under active development
  • Fancy development server, embeded in @ts-defold/create
  • JSX support
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