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npm init @ts-defold ./project-name

Requirements 🏷️

  • NodeJS version v14.16.0 or higher
    • Known compaitbility issue with v16.13.0 on linux
  • npm

Guide 📖

Project Structure

@ts-defold/create templates follow this common directory structure

├─ .eslintrc # Eslint configured to handle the caveats of tstl & ts-defold
├─ package.json # NPM package dependencies and metadata
├─ tsconfig.json # TypeScript compiler configuration for tstl & ts-defold
├─ .github/ # Github workflows and automation [optional]
├─ .vscode/ # Settings, extensions, and tasks for Visual Studio Code
├─ app/ # The Defold game project
│ ├─ lualib_bundle.lua # TypeScript support library
│ ├─ modules/ # Transpiled shared lua modules
│ ├─ scripts/ # Transpiled Defold game scripts (lua)
├─ patches/ # patch-package patches to add additional features to tstl
├─ src/ # TypeScript src files [edit these]
│ ├─ modules/ # Shared modules
│ ├─ scripts/ # Defold game scripts

@ts-defold/create init

Initialize a new ts-defold app at the specified path. This command will use the tsd-template to initialize the project by default.

npm init @ts-defold [path] [--template] [template-name]

path - path where the new project will be initialized. This should be either a new or empty directory when creating a project.

--template - The template to use to initialize the project with. The template-name refers to the shortname of a template that is hosted on github. i.e. tsd-template-war-battles -> war-battles

@ts-defold/create --serve 👷‍♂️

Start a ts-defold development server to watch for changes and continuously compile your src.

npx @ts-defold/create . [--serve]

--serve - Create a development server in the preceding path. This will start a file watcher and iterative compiler service to constantly monitor your project for changes and provide feedback on errors and warnings.

Steps the CLI Takes

@ts-defold/create is a helper to automate the steps needed when starting a new ts-defold project. These steps can be done manually as well if you prefer to fork a template and go from there.

  • Create a new project directory
  • Download a template archive from github
  • Extract the archive
    • Clone or fork if you prefer
  • Update the package.json with your unique project info
  • Run npm ci to initialize the project using exact versions
    • *npm install also works 😉
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